Amateur Radio Links

This is a list of links to various amateur radio related websites. Ocotillo Hams do not take any responsibility for, or guarantee the accuracy of the information therein. We list these sites as a convenience for Amateur Radio operators.

Ham Radio Organizations

  • ARRL – Amateur Radio Relay League
  • ARRL – Arizona
  • ARCA – Amateur Radio Council of Arizona
  • AREDN – Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network
  • ADAW – Arizona Desert Aire Waves

Ham Radio Repeaters

Radio repeaters pick up and retransmit weaker signals (usually ground wave frequencies) to allow communications over wide areas on those frequencies. Lookup local repeaters at the links below.

EmComms, Emergency Response Training & Preparedness

Amateur Radio Information

Amateur Radio Tools

Amateur Radio Contesting

Local Ham Groups (Our Picks)

A few of our favorite ham radio clubs and groups in the East Valley

Ham Radio Gear and Parts